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[29/09/2019] GSM Shield Box ISPTool v1.1 is out

Supported Brands


– Oppo

– Realme

– Xiaomi


– and many more…

Supported Functions

– AutoScan and Detect Chip Size

– Supports Virtually All EMMC Chips

– Read/Write/Wipe Any Partition

– Dump Userdata

– Format Userdata

– Format Userdata in Safe Mode

– Vivo Reset Settings

– Read/Write Full Dump

– Qualcomm EMMC Device Support

– Read/Write SDCARD Dump Image

– Work with any Hardware which is exposed under Disk Drives

– Security Backup

– Security Restore


Security Backup

– You can make security backup of device in single click

– It will make single backup file

– You can extract required partition if needed for other use

Security Restore

– Restore backup made with ISP Tool in a single click

– Customized restore option, you may choose what you need to restore

Improved Read Write ...

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